Property management

property-management.jpg Keeping your property in prime condition is absolutely vital, and requires the hard work and commitment of everyone to make sure that it gets there in the end. If you are looking for a way to do this without adding even more hours to your current list then we can help you out. As an experienced member of the property world, property management, rental, key holding, inventory checks, cleanings and laundry offers a bespoke service for anyone who needs a home looked after while they are away or as they try to sell the property and want to get the best price.
Our property management skills can help you get the price you want, or ensure that your home remains in prime condition for your return. Whatever the reason, we are here to give you something that you can really enjoy & benefit from – a stable, clean property management service in Bulgaria. Being able to trust your property in the hands of people with the highest of standards, and the knowledge & expertise required to run the place, can be a great thing.

It creates clarity and peace of mind, and makes it much easier for you to just relax and let your property be managed.Our service covers property in anywhere including;• Saint Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Aheloy, Pomorie, Varna, Burgas and more In general, we are happy to take on any property so long as you are willing to work with us, too. If you embrace our ideas and let us help you improve your property in a way that fits with the best practices of the market today, then you can flourish with our help. Don’t let the potential for your property to die out or fade away, and instead let us help you find the right niche for your building so that it can get you the best price.

​Value in the market is hard to find but with our help you can make it much easier. As experts who understand the requirements of a property to make it flourish and become a market favorite, you can rely on our property management service to improve your buildings overall quality.
Property Services Bulgaria is very pleased to welcome you to our website and meet you with our professionals who are more than happy to provide you with the best Management and Rental services you are able to find in Bulgaria. We are company with more than 8 years experience in management and more than 4 years rental marketing, we are probably one of the most reliable and honest agency in BG as we are able to say proudly that we still work with our customers all this years and they would love to provide us with references so you can be sure that everything about us is 100% true. We are covering a lot of cities and resorts in Bulgaria like, Varna, Bourgas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Aheloy, Saint Vlas, Golden Sands and much more, we would love to help you of managing and renting your property.

Property management package

    • Signed legal contract between Property Services BG Ltd. and Owner.
    • Full property inventory check and its content inside followed by full report.
    • Mailing you the full status report followed by photos of the property.
    • One cleaning is included in the package.
    • Paying your monthly bills electricity, phone, water, council tax and other bills.

  • Emergency checks on the property after bad weather, cleaning up if there is any damage after storm/winds etc.
  • Collecting your post mail and sending it your address or just scan it and send to your e-mail on you request.
  • Property Insurance (not included in the price of our package).
  • ​Making extra 2 key copies for your property.
  • ​Signing Rental agreement (for owners who want to rent their properties)
  • ​​Monthly checks and reports of your property condition of you property all over the year.​
  • Stopping the water and electricity end of the rental season and switching it back on beginning of the season or you request.



No Fees.​

There is no fee or charge for the rental package, we take only 15% commission from every booking provided from our company.
We work with real time bookings which you will receive by email, sms or phone call to see you want to accept the booking or not.
List your property today, so we can add your apartment, house or villa to the 300 websites we are advertising.

We are working with international market to provide you with the maximum bookings for your property, which will also increase the rental income from your holiday property investment.

Can I Use My Property?

Yes you can, we don’t have restriction for using your property at any times, you can use your property any time you want. We suggest you to book your planned dates with us, so we can make sure that no one will be able to book the period you have planned to visit your property.





We are offering Property Management in Nessebar for more than 7 years in some complexes like Panorama Beach, Vigo and others. We work with more than 40 owners located in Nessebar all over this years and we can proudly say that we have one of the best Management and Rental service on Bulgarian, Black Sea coast. We would love to join our big family and start benefiting from your property in Bulgaria. Please contact us and get our promotional packages for managing and rentals and other services like cleanings, meeting and greeting, key holding, painting, airport transfers and much more in Nessebar area.





Welcome to our website, here you will not find only our services but some useful information about each resort like Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. We are interest in giving the best service to all potential clients no matter for property management and rental or airport transfer, excursions, refurbishing, furniture or other kind of services. We can guide for everything you would like to know about Bulgaria – Sunny beach, so please contact us and get our help today. We are managing and rent apartments in different location in sunny beach, the name of the complexes are Kassandra, Fort Noks – Nessebar, Fort Noks – Holiday, Bravo 1,2,3,4,5 , Royal Palm, and some more. We would love to be part of your holiday home success, so you can benefit from it and to be well looked after.





Saint Vlas is one of the fast growing Bulgarian Black Sea resorts and if you have ever been there some years ago, now you are going to see very big positive difference in this amazing resort. One of the best attraction of Saint Vlas is the Yacht port which is sponsored by the Brothers Dinevi. We have chosen sveti vlas for property management and rental because we see really big success around the international market. Some of the complexes we manage and rent apartments is Panorama Bay 1 and 2, Fort Crown, Fort Imperial, Fort Panorama and many more. All of our customers no matter owners or tenants are very happy with our service provided. We are working with a lot of partners to keep renting your apartments and one of them is Booking, where you will never find our ratings under 8 points, this is because of our staff and the attention we pay to each details. You can be part of our family today by simple contacting us and work together for many years.





Ravda is very traditional Bulgarian resort and would amaze you with one of the best traditional restaurants and bars. The prices for everything are so cheap and good value for the size you get as we as the drinks are one of it too. We have started our property management and rental in Ravda since 2010, when the market was growing there and we are very aware about the rental marketing in Rvda. If you are interest in making profit from your apartment, now is the time to contact us and start profiting from your Holiday property in the Bulgarian resort Ravda. We have establish our self in the rental marketing for this resorts as the biggest tenants are from Russia and Bulgaria. Please contact us today for more information about our services.