Sunny beach

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is one of the best places for young people, where they have all the freedom of partying without any limits and that is why there is really big interest of renting self-catering apartments and hotel rooms and also one of the biggest reasons there is a lot of holiday home owners and investors from all around the world. Sunny Beach attract mostly of British, Russian and East European customers who want to own apartment or rent one and that is why we are here to help all owners of apartments, villas or houses to manage and rent their home. Our company is with more than 7 years experience in managing and renting self-catering apartments, villas and houses in Sunny Beach for the summer season, as we are one of the most reliable and honest company located in Bourgas region. We also manage Apartments in Nessebar, Saint Vlas, Aheloy, Ravda and Pomorie, where the interest for letting is very big. If you need our help now is the right moment to contact us and get your deal package for rental and maintenance as we will do the whole work for only for small % from the income.


Kassandra – Sunny Beach

Kassandra complex is located not so far from the center of Sunny Beach and has private swimming pool, parking, bar with food and drinks and reception. We are providing property management and rental in Kassandra fro any kind of apartments like 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom or Studio. We are managing 3 apartments in Kassandra for more than 4 years now and we would love to take care of your apartment too and provide you the best service. If you are not looking to rent you property, but just to be manage and looked after and to do your meeting and greeting, you have found the right company in Property Services Bulgaria. Contact us and get your desire package on promotional price for Kasandra complex – Sunny Beach, if you have property somewhere else we will be able to help you too.

Fort Noks – Nessebar & Holiday Club – Sunny Beach

This amazing Fort Noks – Nessebar and Holiday Club complexes, are located right behind the biggest Sunny Beach Aqua park, which makes it ideal location for all adventure lovers. these two complexes has a lot to offer to their owners and guests, such as 5 swimming pools, children areas for playing, parking area, quietness, very good maintenance, golf area, tennis court and much more. Fort Noks – Nessebar and Holiday Club are one of the many other complexes of the same company which provides the same great quality of services. We are looking after some apartments in this amazing places and help their owners to benefit, by doing their property management and rental all over the year! If want to join us now is the best moment to do it only by simply contacting us and share you expectations.

Sands Complex – Sunny Beach

Sands is located probably one of the best areas in Sunny Beach, which is called West side and is right next to the best restaurant in named Djanny. The benefits of having or renting apartments in Sands Complex is that you will be able to rest properly as is one of the most quiet places and in the same time have everything right next to you. The complex is only 900 meters away from the center and the central beach of Sunny Beach, you will find at least 3-4 super and mini markets around it as, well as plenty of restaurants and much more. The famous aqua park is located only 600 meters away from Sands. If you are looking to own or rent apartment in Sunny Beach, we can assure you that this is the best place to rest and enjoy your holiday. We are providing the Management, Maintenance and rentals for Sands.

Barco Del Sol- Sunny Beach

Barco Del Sol is located in the heart of the stunning resort Sunny Beach. The building has swimming pool on the roof, lift, 24/7 supermarket downstairs, beautiful self catering apartments, small parking zone and more. Each apartment is fully furnished by their owners, who have bought it for personal use and rentals and we have the privilege to provide property management and rental to some of the property owners in Barco Del Sol. The complex also located on very strategic place, close to the best restaurant Djanny which is working 24/7 all year long, along with other supermarkets. The beach and center is only 4 minutes walking from the complex. If own Property in the complex or anywhere in sunny beach we would love to help you with the management and rentals.