Saint vlas



Welcome to out website where you will not only find property manager for your Apartment or villa in Saint Vlas but also useful information which will help you for choosing this great and beautiful resort for holiday or buying your future summer home. Saint Vlas is located on the Bulgarian, Black Sea coast which is located to some of the top resorts like Sunny Beach and Nessebar, which can say are one of the most world famous Bulgarian resorts. Saint Vlas has one of the most beautiful Yacht Ports in Bulgaria which is property of Brothers Dinevi, when you go to the port you will not only find the amazing and great looking yachts but, plenty of restaurants, bars and amazing and relaxing atmosphere in the air. One of the most reasons we have decide to provide our property management and rental services in Saint Vlas or also called Sveti Vlas is that you can find everything you are looking for, like the relaxing atmosphere and in the same time amazing places to have a drink and lunch or dinner with the amazing sea view front of your eyes. On top of everything we are also offering to our Clients no matter Owners or tenants of the apartment, the best service provided in Saint Vlas, which include services like Property Management, Rentals, Airport Transfers, Excursions, Airplane tickets, Taxi services and much more. If you are interest in our services and you want to join us today, please contact us and get the best offer for our Property Services in Bulgaria – Sveti Vlas. We are able to provide you with references on request, when ever have been requested.