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Panorama Beach, Vigo – Nessebar

This is one of the complexes in Nessebar, where we are providing our property management and rental services for more than 40 apartments for individual property owners. The name of the particular complex is Vigo, Panorama Beach in Nessebar, which is with one of the best location in the New town. Panorama Beach is located right next to the sea garden, 500 meters from the south beach and only 300 meters from the old town Nessebar.

We are providing our services already for more than 7 years and we are the biggest property management company in this complex. We are able to provide you with references from our customers, which are for more than 6 – 7 years with us and would share their experience with us.

We would love to make our family bigger and take care of your property like is ours, that is why we would love you to join us today and start to benefit from your property in Nessebar no matter where is located. Contact us today and get your best deal with Property Services BG – Nessebar.