Kosharitsa is small village which is located only 2 km away from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and became famous because it’s location on the hills of Stara Planina or called ” Old Mountain”. If you have been there you will know for sure what amazing panoramic view of Black Sea and the most amazing Bulgarian sea resort Sunny Beach which is all full of lights in the evening. Kosharitsa has few small areas with Villas inside and each villa is at least 3 bedroom with living room, 2 bathroom and much more, including their own swimming pool, grass land and children area. Our target for Kosharitsa is to provide the best property management and rental for all owners who are owning any type of property, no matter Villa, house or apartments. We understand how hard is to have holiday homes abroad and you can’t manage to visit or to keep on eye, that is why we are here to help you providing our services to you and your friends and family. We will take care for every detail of your home, including maintaining, cleanings, meeting and greetings, keeping you updated for the condition of your apartment live 364 days a year and much more. Property Services Bulgaria is much more than just property management company in Bulgaria, we will take care of everything like its our own to make sure that you are completely satisfied with us and would love to work with us for long period of time. We are able to provide you references from our old or new clients that we have worked together for many years and we would love to make you one of our long friendship clients. If you find what you are looking for at our company then please contact us and let’s work together.